Mobile Application Security

As application security experts, it is our mission to define and promote mobile application security.

Cryptotech performs penetration testing and code review on all platforms for mobile applications and has created a dedicated testing environment fully equipped for testing Android and iOS applications.

During testing, we simulate a multitude of attacks, both general application attacks and mobile dedicated attacks.
The testing simulates a real hacker and what he can do to penetrate the application and retrieve confidential or sensitive data.

Based on OWASP Mobile security

When testing the security of mobile applications our security team uses the framework from OWASP mobile project which is one of the most complete and worldwide appreciated by experts.

Part of the security checks can be seen bellow:

M1: Improper Platform Usage
M2: Insecure Data Storage
M3: Insecure Communication
M4: Insecure Authentication
M5: Insufficient Cryptography
M6: Insecure Authorization
M7: Client Code Quality
M8: Code Tampering
M9: Reverse Engineering
M10: Extraneous Functionality



Unlock an information security strategy that aligns with an organization’s current and future objectives.

A rapid, cost-effective way to access the expertise and knowledge of experienced professionals who can oversee the security and protection of your business.

We provides expert training ranging from technical security education to general security awareness programs.

Our services

Audit of your architecture

Auditing is a specific know-how which requires knowing not only the products involved but also the profession of the user of the audited means. It follows a precise audit book defined with the client. It may rely on third-party tools for vulnerability or performance testing.

The definition of a specification

Defining specifications is an exercise that requires knowing both the targeted products and above all the objective that we want to achieve.

The evolution of your architecture

The evolution of your architecture is a necessary step and very often planned in advance, if only in terms of depreciation, but which must take place without any impact on the user side. You may need to evolve your architecture in terms of product or in terms of function.

The definition of global policies

Defining comprehensive policies is always a delicate matter in terms of both design and application. CTS, drawing on its feedback from customer experiences, can help you define global policies, the implementation of which remains possible.

Ownership of your projects

Thanks to its knowledge of your business, its project management skills and above all its technical mastery of the elements that make up the response to your needs, CTS can take charge of the management of a technical project at your place. The definition of constraints, impacts, respect for the schedule and the management of teams and resources will be the responsibility of CTS. This assures you of the simplified management of your project with a guarantee of CTS results on the good progress of the latter.

Benchmark and solution study

CTS carries out numerous solution studies for our customers to ensure that the chosen solution perfectly meets the needs. These tailor-made studies take into account the customer's environment as well as its various constraints and aim to highlight the most suitable solution in the customer context.