Our Mission

Protect your business with adequate services & help building trusted Information Systems (Digital transformation & Security)

Our Vision

To become an outstanding world-class Cyber security and digital leader that is. consistently crafting and delivering resilient solutions to our customers.

Our Values

Trust, Integrity, Loyalty and Transparency


Why Cryptotech Solutions ?


Our strengths !

Cryptotech is the result of a deep reflection and exchange between the founders: creators, architects with advanced experience in the IT domain ( system information, security, digitalisation).

  • Long and huge experience in consulting, strategy, service and engineering.
  • Specialized in creativity, networks, business security and new technologies (BYOD, BYOC, DC, Cloud, banks ,retail , Security).
  • We are a Cyber consulting company built with a passion for digitalisation and cybersecurity.
  • Founded by senior system information and cyber security managers that believe in a world where abilities matter the most.
  • We offer certified system information and Cyber Security Services of the highest quality possible, for clients in EMEA.


Highly specialised


of our customers


Cryptotech Mission

  • Advise companies, administrations and operators on issues related to the performance of their networks, the reliability of their security and the scalability of their systems.
  • Implement the most suitable solutions.
    Provide personalized support.
  • Qualification of needs until the completion and implementation of the selected solutions.
  • Provide adequate training to guarantee the transfer of skills.
  • Ensure appropriate monitoring of the proper use of the solutions deployed.

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Auditing is a specific know-how which requires knowing not only the products involved but also the profession of the user of the audited means. It follows a precise audit book defined with the client. It may rely on third-party tools for vulnerability or performance testing.

Defining specifications is an exercise that requires knowing both the targeted products and above all the objective that we want to achieve.

The evolution of your architecture is a necessary step and very often planned in advance, if only in terms of depreciation, but which must take place without any impact on the user side. You may need to evolve your architecture in terms of product or in terms of function.

Defining comprehensive policies is always a delicate matter in terms of both design and application. Cryptotech Solutions, drawing on its feedback from customer experiences, can help you define global policies, the implementation of which remains possible.

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